Dancing Notes

Dancing Notes

music classes

From 3yo


Music can benefit your child in many areas like language, maths, concentration and social skills, just to name a few! Musical activities stimulate the brain, and this brain workout leads to improved brain structure with the formation of new neural connections.

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music foundation



In this class kids will learn the foundation of music, notation and sense of rhythm in an exciting and interactive way. Kids will master different music concepts through movements, group works and music instruments. Through music kids will benefit physically and emotionally working on skills that will build the base for literacy and numeracy.

private piano lessons


From 5yo

Backed by science, there are unquestionable benefits of playing musical instruments, especially piano! With this one-to-one lesson you ensure to your child an individual and targeted learning process, based on his interests and personality. Playing piano strengthens hand muscles and eye-hand coordination, it requires concentration, and it encourages creativity.

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