Dancing Notes

Dancing Notes

Dance classes

From 3yo

Dance classes

Our Dance classes are fun, engaging and tailored for each student ` level and needs. We love following our students` progressions to see them achieving their goals and increase their self-esteem. We offer a range of different dance styles for each age group and level.

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Kindy combo (1)

KINDY COMBO (Ballet/Jazz /Tap)


This class is designed for our pre-schoolers ready to join independently. Children will learn the foundations of dance with a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Tap technique in a playful and interactive way.  With scarves, magic wands and much more, students will improve their coordination, musicality and self-expression.

tap dance classes

BEGINNER COMBO (Ballet/Jazz /Tap)

5 – 6.5 yo

Designed as a progression of our popular Kindy Combo and suitable also for the very beginners, in this class our students will deepen their understanding and practice of Ballet, Jazz and Tap technique. Themed lessons and age-appropriate equipment will also boost their creativity and critical thinking.



From 6yo

Known as the foundation of most of the dance styles, Ballet technique promotes not only physical exercise but boosts concentration and develops self-discipline of the body as well as critical thinking skills. Students will learn the classical technique which improves their muscular strength, flexibility, and a correct body posture.

Jazz (1)


From 6yo

With a combination of dynamic and high energy moves, with slow and elegant movements, our Jazz classes include warm ups, stretching, technique exercises and choreography time. What`s better than dancing on your favourite songs?



From 7yo

Based on ballet technique, lyrical dance lets students using their movements to follow the lyrics of a song and express their emotions. Combined with contemporary dance, students will increase their body strength and self-awareness, learning how to communicate through their body.



From 3yo

This style covers a wide range of skills including balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering.  With a mix between acrobatic tricks and dancing, students will improve their flexibility and strength learning skills like handstands, cartwheels and aerials.

tap dance classes


From 6yo

Tap dance is a unique and eccentric dance genre, students are not only dancing, but they also make music with their feet! This class will help students to have a deeper understanding of rhythm and it will increase their coordination and confidence when they master challenging steps.

Hip Hop (1)


From 6yo

Hip Hop is a vibrant, energetic and powerful urban dance style that combines a variety of freestyle movements. One major advantage of hip hop dance is that it’s a full body workout which provides a tremendous impact on your overall flexibility, strength, endurance level, and emotional well-being.

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