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Dancing Notes provides dance and music classes since the very first steps! 

We provide a safe, supportive and empowering environment that enables all to thrive. Our classes cater to the needs of all students, regardless of their background or abilities.

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about us

About Us

Dancing Notes provides innovative dance and music classes from the very first steps!

Our classes are energetic, creative and especially fun. Learning while having fun increases brain-activity of neurons that use Oxytocin and Dopamine, often referred to as our “happy hormones.” We celebrate the uniqueness of each of our students with an inclusive approach. We are committed to delivering high quality lessons, in a safe, supportive and positive environment for our students and their families.

Not only we offer dance and music classes, suitable for each age and level, but we also provide dance parties entertainment, holiday programs and school incursions.

Our programs are based on a wide range of professional curricula, years of national and international experience, and above all an extra passion for teaching! 

Our aim is to nurture the joy of dance, music and education, empowering our students to be the best version of themselves.

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Can I book a trial before signing up?

Yes! We offer a free trial class for new students who have not been enrolled with us before (in that class/dance style). Please register online through our parental portal or contact us at 0421 595 456.

What happens if I can`t attend a class?

We offer our dance students the chance to have make up classes, if they miss or more lessons for any reasons. Make-up classes are allowed only within the same term of the absence and are subject to availability. Make-up classes cannot be rolled over to the following term or used as credit. Register for a make-up class through our parental portal or contact us at 0421 595 456.

Can I watch my child`s class?

In our You & Me classes parents/care givers participate actively in class.

I all our other classes students participate independently. We understand you might be worried to leave your child in a new environment with a new teacher, but here are some of the reasons why parents don`t sit inside the room:

-It makes other students feel uncomfortable. In fact, while your child might be ok with you peeking through the window, other children may react in a different way, as we all have different personalities. Our priority is to let our students feel comfortable to express themselves and enjoy the class.

-We want to encourage students’ independence and self-esteem. We help our students to build a trustful bond with their teacher, in a safe environment, and let them feel confident to make decisions on their own, without looking for approval. Furthermore, we want to let them be free to make mistakes, which is part of the learning journey, without feeling judged by having an audience.

Our teachers hold a valid WWCC and a special passion for teaching and education!

At the end of each term, we have our observation day where we show parents a few routines we had in class during the term.

Can I buy casual classes?

Casual classes are available only for adults’ programs and babies’ programs.

For all our other classes we use a pro-rata system, so you will only pay from when you start till the end of the term. It`s not possible to buy casual classes. Dance and music techniques require time, repetition and commitment to master skills and achieve goals. Furthermore, we encourage our students to learn the structure of the class and build relationship with their peers and their teachers.

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